Program procedure

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Program procedure
Category Process Description Time
1.Request of training Request of Rrogram(pcp) Program used to be initiated based on demand from partner countries, with submission of Program Concept Paper(PCP) to KOICA or Embassy of Korea N-2
Review of PCP Review of the submitted PCP by KOICA or MAFRA(Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Rural Affairs)
Feasibility review Review feasiblity of the program
2. Review & formulation *MoFA, *PM, *MoPF Screening and listing up the short list N-1
Permision of program by government Permission of program plan with burget
3. Implemenation Selection of implementing institute Selection of implementing institute through open biding or designation N
Nomination of participatns Request candidates and nomination of participatns though KOICA based on the Course Information
Preparation of Country Report Participants shalll prepare Country report and submit it
Operation of program
(Lecture, Study visit, practices, etc)
Implemenaton of training program (lecture, field visit, filed practices and learning)
Action planing(AP) All the participants shall prepare action plan to apply what they learned to his/her country
4. Monitoring Dissemination activities & report Participants shall share the lessons and skills to his/her department as a dissemination activities in the form of seminar or meetings. N+1
Implementation of AP Implement the prepared action plan
Monitoring Training institute and government monotor the progress of implemenation of AP
Follow-up project
(In-depth training, pilot project)
Follow-up project such as in-depth training or pilot proejct can be formulated and implemented based on the request of the partner country
Ex-post evaluation Evaluation will be carried out to identify the impacts or sustainablity of the program within a year
  • * MOFA : Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,
  • * PM : Prime Minister’s Secretariat,
  • * MOPF : Ministry of Strategy and Finance