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(2018)Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development (AARDO Joint Training)(Multi country)attach다운로드Date2018-07-16Hit1960


1. Title: Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development (AARDO Joint Training)

2. Duration: April 29(Sun) - May 12(Sat) 2018

3. Goal:

- Improving the organizational capacity to establish effective policy and strategy for sustainable development of agricultural and rural areas

4. Objectives of the Program

- To enhance understanding on agricultural and rural development;

- To share the success stories of rural development and economic growth in Korea;

- To disseminate practical knowledge and transfer technology concerning rural development;

- To exchange views on increased income generation and improved living environment for better quality of life in rural areas; and

- To strengthen future cooperation with the participating countries through capacity building in rural development

5. Number of Participants:

- Twenty (20) persons from Ministry of Rural Development in State government f India including one (1) person from AARDO Secretariat

6. Course Module




Module 1: Rural Development An Overview

1.1 Understanding about Korea and its culture

1.2 Korean strategies for sustainable agriculture and rural development

Module 2: Operation and management of agricultural and rural infrastructures

2.1 Agricultural production infrastructure -development and its operation

Ansung land Consolidation Project (TM/TC)

2.2 Comprehensive rural development project

Saemangeum Agricultural Dev. Project

Module 3: Income generation activities

3.1 High-income generation in rural area


Plant factory

Rural tourism (Paju Haenaru village)

3.2 Value addition of agriculture products

(Cooperative and processing)

Banwol Cooperatives,

aT center

Module 4: Agricultural technology extension services and capacity building

4.1 Agricultural technology extension services(Systematic approaches)

Rural Development Administration

4.2 Human resources development (Women & Youth) focused on job school

Korea Agriculture and Fishery College

Country Report & Action Plan

5.1 Country Report session

5.2 Action Plan 1: identification of issues

5.3 Action Plan 2: practical actions and solutions

5.4 Action Plan presentation: workshop

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