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1. Title: Knowledge Management System National Capital Integrated Coastal Development Program (High-level)

2. Duration: March 25 (Sun.) – March 31 (Sat.), 2018 (7days)

3. Goal:

- To improve the capacity of the central government officers in charge of integrated coastal development policies and strategies decision making by sharing advanced knowledge and skills

4. Objectives

- General understanding of oceanography and NCICD(National Capital Integrated Coastal Development) program

- To determine the development strategy of the integrated coastal development program

- To share the advanced integrated coastal development case studies in Korea; such as Sae-man-geum Development project experience

- To exchange the views on how to develop the coastal area including urban design and planning, etc.

5. Number of Participants: 10 participants from Republic of Indonesia

6. Course Module




Module 1.

Case Studies of Integrated Costal Development Projects

in South Korea

Case study of Sae-man-geum development project

Lesson learned from Si-hwa development project

- Sae-Man-Geum Progject office(KRC)

- Sae-Man-Geum industrial Complex Project office(KRC)

Module 2.

Sustainable Management Strategies in Coastal Areas

Understanding of Smart Water Management

Understanding of Water quality and Environment Management

Understanding of Maritime and Fisheries management in coastal area

- Incheon Water Supply Center

Module 3.



Discussion with Government officers

Seminar with special experts

- Keynote speech : representative of participants

- Discussion : Reclamation, Environment, Fishery/Maritime, Water experts

Workshop among participants(Voluntarily)

-Discuss on further stages for NCICD strategies adapting lesson learned points of view from the 2nd Knowledge Management program

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