IEEC's Vision

World knowledge exchange center

IEEC Vision and Roadmap

Global Model for Development of Rural Community, Korea IEEC will be together with development of global rural community for rich future. Rural Community - International Education and Exchange Center is an educational exchange institution related to agriculture and fishery that KRC is promoting to improve the quality of life for the people all over the world and realize rural community with happiness and better environment by enhancing competitiveness through organized education and training and technical information exchange in the fields of agriculture and rural community.

  • Nurturing experts and instructors
    Education in the areas of agriculture and rural community
    Finding out needs for education and exchange
    Education and exchange services
    Technology, policy, leadership and
  • Virtuous circle of education, research and information network
    Platform for knowledge and information exchange
    Establishing database of knowledge and information by region and group
    Establishing database of knowledge and information by field
    Water resources for agriculture, water quality, irrigation, disasters and development of rural areas, etc
  • Governance of countries and related organizations
    Domestic and overseas networks
    Policy analysis of domestic and overseas education and trainin
    Establishing networks among trainees
    Cooperation with related international organizations


Improving the quality of life by achieving global food security and sustainable management of agricultural water through rural development suitable for regional characteristics