Course Module

Hope of the capacity building
in rural community of the world

I. Rural development and increased income
  • Module 1

    Rural development strategies
    • Strategies for development of rural community and agriculture
    • How to find out projects (PCP)
    • Strategies for project funding
    • Project and performance management
  • Module 2

    Improvement in rural life environment
    • Overall arrangement of villages
    • Living environment (housing, drinking water)
    • Improvement in hygiene of villages (sewage)
  • Module 3

    Local community and its organization
    • Organization of local community
    • Nurturing village leaders
    • Education for local people and capacity building
    • Participatory community development
  • Module 4

    Agricultural income
    • Measures to develop income sources and diversify them
    • Measures for management after harvesting and value adding
    • Strategies for sales and distribution of agricultural products
II. Irrigation development and maintenance
  • Module 1

    Irrigation development strategies
    • Strategies to develop and manage water resources
    • Measures for efficient use of agricultural water
    • Climate change and water resources development (management)
  • Module 2

    Irrigation water development and securement
    • Development of irrigation facilities (reservoir, pumping station)
    • Expansion of reservoir and connection to water systems
    • Groundwater development and management
    • Storage and use of rainwater
    • Seawater desalination technology
    • Reuse of treated wastewater as agricultural water
  • Module 3

    Water and facility management
    • Operation and maintenance of irrigation facilities
    • Irrigation water quality management
    • Informatization of agricultural water management
    • Management of water user groups (WUG)
  • Module 4

    Disasters and drainage management
    • Strategies responding to droughts
    • Strategies responding to floods
    • Drainage improvement project
    • Facility enhancement in preparation for disasters
III. Farmland development and management
  • Module 1

    Farmland development strategies
    • Farmland reform and agricultural development
    • Strategies to improve productivity of farmland
    • Strategies to develop farmland
  • Module 2

    Expansion of farmland
    • Farmland consolidation project
    • Large scale agricultural development project
    • Land reclamation project (hills, slopes)
  • Module 3

    Utilization and management of farmland
    • Agricultural mechanization
    • Soil erosion farmland
    • Management of non-point source, pollution in farmland
  • Module 4

    Farmland management system
    • Farmland management system
    • Improvement of farmland management scale
    • Informatization for farmland management
IV. Response to climate change for agriculture and rural community
  • Module 1

    Understanding of climate change
    • Global issues on climate change
    • Climate change, agriculture and rural community
    • Climate change and water resources
  • Module 2

    Analysis of climate change and its impact
    • Use of meteorological information
    • Climate prediction methods and modeling
    • Analysis of climate change impact
  • Module 3

    Mitigation of and response to climate change
    • Methods to mitigate climate change
    • Technology to cope with climate change
    • Strategies to cope with climate change
  • Module 4

    New and renewable energy
    • New and renewable energy (small hydro power, solar energy, etc.)
    • WEF Nexus (water energy and food nexus)
    • Securement of CDM technology and CERs